solid adj. 1. Excellent, first rate 2. honest, genuine
3. trustworthy 4. co-operative 5.united 6.professional

Solid Media is a digital video production company based in Victoria. We specialise in the development, design and production of visual resources for a variety of uses. Our primary objective is to assist you in the evolution of your idea, work with you on its development and analyse its potential before the camera begins to roll.
Getting the blueprint right, we believe, is the key to your
program hitting its target.

We work with a diverse range of clients. Our resources and video programs have taught problem gamblers how to take control of their lives, Gen Y customers how to seek sound financial advice, consumers how to identify the signs of bowel cancer, newly arrived migrant workers to learn about their rights, employers how to recognise depression, ambulance officers how to deal with traumatic workplace experiences and ethnically diverse parents how to choose safe activities for their children.

It is with this experience that we present our services to you.


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